About Us

It all started with a Silhouette cutting machine, a Mother’s Day gift that I had been hinting at for weeks. I saw the potential, but like many people, I was afraid to jump in. It sat in the corner for weeks. I was so intimidated by it. After much encouragement, I finally cracked the seal of the box, and I fell in love! I started crafting like crazy. I made so much that my house was bursting at the seams. My family got homemade gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries…it got crazy! Finally, I had to admit that I needed to either start selling the pieces that I so lovingly created or take a break in crafting.  I loved it too much to stop, so I started selling locally. Living in rural Wyoming, there isn’t a huge market, but I had so many products that I had to rope my husband into to helping me. He created a website for the business, and we started selling online which meant that our business changed and grew. We went from cutting vinyl on the Silhouette to working with heat transfer vinyl. We then moved into sublimation, and we just added a laser cutting/engraving component to the business.  

I love working with different mediums such as wood, beads and vinyl as well as integrating the different interests from my life, most importantly my Catholic faith.

I can only hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy making them for you!